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You have found the dog collar, dog leash and dog harness manufacturer.

Looking for a Dog collar, Dog leash, or dog harness.  You have found the right place to get what you want, and they are American made.

We produce all of our products in an environmentally friendly way.  We have essentially a zero carbon footprint.

Adjustable Nylon Collar
This is out small adjustable
 nylon dog collar available
in 15 colors
E-Z handler nylon lead
 This is one of our double
 Nylon leads.  With built
 in extra handle
Adjustable dog harness
 This is our fully Adjustable
 Dog harness.
Double thick leather collar
 This is our doubled and
  stitched Leather dog collar
 Link to adjustable
 Link to nylon leashes  Link to nylon adjustable
 Link to leather

Dog collars, dog Leashes and Dog Harnesses

We have been crafting dog collars for more than 25 years, nylon collars, adjustable collars, leather collars and custom collars for all dog breeds.  More than 500 collars.   Need a dog collar, we have them.

Quality, quick service and even free shipping on orders of $30.00 or more

If someone said to me, "I want a nice collar for my dog" I would say, "cool, we make all  kinds of them"

I just love it when I hear "I want to buy an American made product", or "I want an American made collar for my dog", or I want an American made leash or harness".  We make our products right here in California.

Are you searching for an adjustable dog harness?  We make nine of them.

"I need to find a nylon harness for my dog?" You can find your harness here.

 "Made in U.S.A." found here.

Link to all of our dog collars    Link to all of our harnesses     Link to all of our leashes

Our mission statement:  "To please and accommodate the customer in such a manner that they will happily refer others to us."  Here is testimony to that mission (LINK TO TESTIMONIAL)

We are now offering free shipping.  Buy $30.00 worth of products and we will ship it for free anywhere in the United States.

Do you care about human rights and the environment?   Chinese made means low wage made.  The highest set minimum wage is $2.15 an hour, but the  average is about $1.60 an hour.  

GIVE A HOOT, DON'T POLLUTE!   Chinese made means "who cares about the environment"  China is the biggest polluter in the world.

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Small to  medium Dog Adjustable Collar
Adjustable Dog Collar - 12" to 18"
MSRP: $6.87
Price: $5.79
You Save: $1.08 (16 %)
Adjustable Dog Collar - 12" to 18"
Adjustable nylon Dog Collar, available in 15 colors. This collar is an adjustable easy to use 12" to 18" dog collar. It has a side release buckle which is very durable.
Dog Collar - Unique adjustable
Adjustable Dog Collar - Special Large
MSRP: $8.94
Price: $8.60
You Save: $0.34 (4 %)
Adjustable Dog Collar - Special Large
ADJUSTABLE DOG COLLAR, nylon, with metal buckle. A perfect dog collar for a growing large breed dog. If you need an adjustable dog collar, why not get the best?
Big Dog harness
MSRP: $49.47
Price: $41.39
You Save: $8.08 (16 %)
Big Dog harness
This Big Dog Harness is for very large dogs. The smallest fits a 30" chest and are available in stock up to 40". We can, however, make any size you need.
Dog Collars
Double nylon dog collar, Medium
MSRP: $10.05
Price: $8.39
You Save: $1.66 (17 %)
Double nylon dog collar, Medium
Double nylon dog collar, fits dogs with 14" to 20" size neck. Good looking and a great value for a small dog.
A nylon dog leash made of two layers of nylon webbing.
Double Nylon Dog leash 72 inch
MSRP: $20.22
Price: $16.99
You Save: $3.23 (16 %)
Double Nylon Dog leash 72 inch
"do you need a strong dog leash?" Our Double Nylon Dog leash, "Made in the U.S.A." is a two layer sewn together nylon leash which has an easy on 'J' snap. Our doubled and stitched lead is xcellent for walking your dog.
E-Z Handler Lead
MSRP: $19.79
Price: $17.19
You Save: $2.60 (13 %)
E-Z Handler Lead
This is a six foot long doubled and stitched nylon dog lead with a traffic handle built in 18" above the clip.
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We love our customers" 

Here is a list of each kind of dog collar we make. 

Nylon single ply in four widths, 3/8" 5/8" 3/4" and 1", double ply nylon in two widths, 3/4' and 1", nylon adjustable, spiked nylon double ply and single thickness, double ply leather,  single ply leather, rolled leather,  leather with spikes, nylon reinforced leather big dog collars. leather with spots,  leather with both spikes and spots,  Rottweiler collars,  nylon double ply for big dogs, big dog spiked collars, jeweled nylon, decorative dog collars, martingale training collars,   chain training collars, nylon double ply hunting dog collars,  leather hunting dog collars,  guard dog collars.

I find it interesting that people using their telephones to search the web has become so popular. I understand that use because I do it myself.  After all, who wants to wait until they get to a computer to find something they want.  So if you are looking for a collar, leash, or harness for your dog, you found the right place.