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Pug harnesses

PUG HARNESS| Pugs are very difficult to fit with a harness so we made the harness specifically for the Pug breed.  We have five customers (Retailers) that are stocking this harness.  Pugs have become a very popular breed here in California and customers are looking for a good harness that fits across the Pug's chest.  We have made the chest strap adjustable and the belly strap adjustable and put a quick release buckle on the side to make it easy to use.

Another breed that is hard to fit is a full sized Dachshunds.  The adjustable chest band harness is also usually a good fit for the Dachshund as well. 
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chest band dog harness
Dog Harness - Medium Adjustable Chest Band
MSRP: $17.39
Price: $14.49
You Save: $2.90 (17 %)
 Dog Harness - Medium Adjustable Chest Band
A standard harness that can be adjusted to fit around the waist and across the chest. it is made for dogs with wide chests like Pugs or Dachshunds. It may be suitable for some cross breeds as well.